About Simplicity Jewelry Design

Jewelry lets you wear your heart on your sleeve. It should tell your story, honour a loved one or event, and enhance your signature style.


You have stories to tell. You have lived and loved and know what you want from life. The most flattering jewelry has been inspired by the materials and the wearer. My goal is to create a piece that tells a story of love. Loving the earth and the things that come from it. Honouring your life and the journey that has brought you to this point. And loving yourself.

My love for making jewelry started with some wire and a piece of beach glass at summer camp. From that initial transformation of wire to art a passion for creation began. Accentuating pearls, stones and found objects allows me to create sustainable jewelry. Inspired by friends any family I delved deeper into my imagination to develop pieces to honour them. They still inspire me today. Giving me ample inspiration to incorporate in my designs.

pendant designed by Simplicity Jewelry Design

tanzanite stone from customer


The land around us is also a great source of inspiration. Living on a homestead has taught me that the earth has a limited amount of resources. There is a natural healing that can happen with material from the earth. We must be careful not to damage the earth further. Our homestead is focused on becoming self-sufficient thus using our resources in as many ways as possible.  I believe it is important not to waste them. Using sustainable materials including cultivated pearls I am able to support eco-friendly suppliers. Using mementoes or old jewelry is another great way to limit the impact on the earth. Metal can be recycled and old jewelry reworked to created beautiful pieces that are truly an heirloom.


I am constantly learning and adding new techniques to my repertoire. Soaking up knowledge and learning new methods allows my designs to stay fresh. I was able to earn a Jewelry Certificate from The Alberta College of Art and Design during these evening classes.

I have come a long way from that first piece of glass. It has been a journey with plenty of ups and downs. Contact me and we can take the next step together to create a piece that tells your story.